5 Reasons Your Kids Will Love Living in a Gated Community

There are many reasons why gated communities are a good choice for many people, but especially for families with children.

1. Gated communities offer unparalleled security allowing parents to relax when it comes to their children's safety. Beyond the gates of your community, traffic slows down, neighbors know each other and common areas like pools and playgrounds offer opportunities for kids to meet and play. The security of a gated community allows you to raise your kids the "old-fashioned way" with greater freedom to roam than their urban counterparts. Children can walk and ride bikes without worry of strangers or fast driving cars.


2. There's no need to chauffeur your child across town to a play date - and back. Friends live around the corner or in the next building.  And chances are that you have met the parents at a resident pool party, at the fitness center or at events in the Clubhouse. 

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3. No need to join a club when you have access to a pool on-site. The Ritz-Carlton Residences, North Hills offers an indoor and outdoor pool. We also offer poolside food and beverage service all summer long!


4.  Does the thought of finding a birthday party venue make you cringe? Your gated community likely offers party spaces that can be reserved for you and your guests. The Ritz-Carlton Residences, North Hills has multiple spaces in the Clubhouse to host family-friendly events such as banquet rooms, a game room and a theater. Your guests will enjoy valet parking and the legendary service of The Ritz-Carlton.


5. Your community may offer services that make it easier to be a busy parent. The Ritz-Carlton Residences, North Hills, for instance, has a porter who can help you with unpacking the car after a shopping trip. We also offer services such as dog walking, housekeeping, laundry and dry cleaning, and handyman services. Free up your valuable time to spend more of it with your kids!


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