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The Ritz-Carlton Residences, North Hills is more than just a condo development. It is a partnership between RXR Realty, an industry-leading developer in the tri-state area, and The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, regarded worldwide as the gold standard in luxury hospitality. The foundation of The Ritz-Carlton brand is providing legendary service. Legendary service entails going above and beyond. However, it’s not only about exceeding expectations. It’s also about creating unique customer experiences that are memorable and personal.

The Ladies and Gentleman at the The Ritz-Carlton Residences, North Hills are trained by The Ritz-Carlton to surprise and delight. While many developments have concierges on site who will fulfill requests, the team at The Ritz-Carlton Residences, North Hills goes a step further by anticipating them. The concierge team will get to know you and your family. They will learn your birthdays, anniversaries, favorite sports teams, how you like your coffee, and your likes and dislikes. They are charged with surprising and delighting the residents. The proactive Ladies and Gentleman of The Ritz-Carlton Residences do not wait to be asked to do something. They will anticipate your needs and fulfill your unexpressed wishes and desires!

Here are just a few examples from The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center blog. We have edited the stories for brevity, but have provided links to read more.

A week before Christmas, a family arrived at The Ritz-Carlton, Boston Common. A few of The Ritz-Carlton Ladies and Gentlemen noticed that their six-year-old daughter seemed sad as she quietly looked at other children who were having their picture taken in front of the Christmas tree. ... While they were out, the Ladies and Gentlemen got to work! They ran to a nearby store and bought several presents; they wrapped them and placed them in the guests’ room. But something was still missing. Within a few minutes the Ladies and Gentlemen set up a 7-foot tree in their room as well. One hour later, the little girl and her parents returned to the hotel. When they opened the door to their room, a bright and gleaming Christmas tree appeared before them. The little girl screamed out of joy! She opened her presents and a personal Christmas card signed by all The Ritz-Carlton, Boston Common Ladies and Gentlemen. Read more here.

A guest was staying at The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto, and she chose to dine in the hotel's Japanese restaurant, Tempura Mizuki. While serving the guest Japanese rice wine, the Manager engaged the guest in conversation and discovered her interest in the varieties of modern rice wines in Japan. The Manager of Mizuki took the guest on a beverage journey during the course of her meal, explaining different styles of sake and providing small tasting portions of each to make her dining experience more memorable. The guest showed him a picture of a unique sake that she had tried on a prior visit to Japan. She mentioned how she wished she could find a bottle to take home with her to the United States. The Manager of Mizuki offered to call sake stores in the city to try and find a bottle of that specific sake. However, when he began calling stores, he found out that the sake was no longer being produced—making it exceptionally rare. Every place he called was sold out of it. However, the Manager of Mizuki was determined not to give up and contacted the Purchasing Manager for assistance. The Purchasing Manager contacted the hotel’s usual suppliers only to discover the same dilemma as the Manager of Mizuki. However, the Purchasing Manager went one step further and called the brewery directly, explaining the situation and checking if they had any bottles of the sake left. To his delight, the brewery did have some, and he quickly struck a deal to have a bottle sold to the hotel. The Manager of Mizuki then contacted the guest to inform her that he had finally found a bottle after looking for over a week. He shipped the bottle to her, along with some traditional Japanese sake cups and a warm message. The guest was so happy to hear the news, mentioning that she could not wait to come see the Manager of Mizuki on her next visit to Kyoto. Read more here.

A woman came alone to the Abama Golf & Spa Resort in Tenerife, Spain, to spend a couple of days. While the front office team was doing her check-in she mentioned that, unfortunately, none of her family members were able to come with her. The front desk agent noticed that the woman was having her 65th birthday during her stay and probably felt a bit sad because she would be spending her birthday alone. The front desk agent gave her warm congratulations for her day and asked her if there was anything the hotel staff could do for her. The guest shared her desire to have dinner in the great M.B. restaurant that night for her birthday.  After finishing the check-in, the front desk agent got the idea to make something special for the guest in order to make her night and her birthday special and memorable. While the guest was dining in the M.B., the front desk team worked with housekeeping to prepare a beautiful hot bath for the guest. The bath was decorated with rose petals, and there were candles everywhere. To make the experience even more special, they placed a cold bottle of Champagne and a card wishing her all the best and a “Happy Birthday!” The guest was amazed by this thoughtful gesture, and she immediately called the front desk to thank the staff for creating such a special moment. Early in the morning, she came to reception to personally thank the staff for her birthday surprise. She got tears in her eyes while explaining that it had been a long time since anyone had made something so beautiful for her and that she would never have expected to receive this special attention while staying at a hotel. She was amazed by her birthday experience and said that she will never forget her 65th birthday.  Read more here.

Many of our residents have similar stories of how the Ladies and Gentleman of The Ritz-Carlton Residences have delighted them on special occasions or just made day to day life easier by having their coffee ready for them in the morning, arranging transportation to work, making sure the refrigerator is stocked and their residence cleaned. 

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