The Ritz-Carlton Residences in Safavieh Style

No one enjoys the chore of moving—all that stuff!—so RXR Realty, developer of The Ritz-Carlton Residences in North Hills, decided to simplify the process for residents : New homebuyers can immediately occupy fully furnished  model suites custom designed by Safavieh. 

The latest issue of Safavieh Style highlights the model residences they designed at The Ritz-Carlton Residences. Scroll down for a detailed look at these glamorous homes or better yet, make an appointment to see them for yourself.

Hurray for Hollywood

This glamorous model home was designed to evoke the Silver Screen.Safavieh2019-1Ritz3008LRoom_7

In fashioning the model home you see here, “glamour” was the key word the designers kept in mind. Iris Carias and Beena Ramachandra, interior designers based at Safavieh’s Glen Cove showroom, selected curvaceous seating, simply but luxuriously upholstered, for the living room. They added acrylic, glass and metallic tables, including an Art Deco-style bar cart, faux fur throws and chic lighting to complete the look. “It reminds me of Hollywood in the Age of the Silver Screen,” says Carias.


Because the dining area is open to the main living space, the designers fostered an open look by selecting a table with an acrylic base. In the living room (previous spread), they chose curvaceous furniture in muted upholstery to convey the glamour of Old Hollywood.


The master bedroom is built around a statement piece—the elegant king bed with black upholstery and platinum wood trim. “To make the bed stand out even more, we used a magnificent wallpaper on the accent wall,” explains Carias, “and we lit it with a gorgeous chandelier.”


Setting the tone for the whole suite is the foyer, a study in white and gold. “We wanted to create a tableau that makes you go ‘wow’ as soon as you enter the home,” says Ramachandra. The arrangement is quite spare, and the palette muted. But there’s a bit of gold in everything—furniture, accessories and even the painting—that does give the foyer an undeniable wow factor. As in the other rooms of this spectacular suite, the sum is greater than its parts.


Small details heighten the sense of luxury in this serene suite.Model3002-livingroom

Echoing the signature style of Ritz-Carlton resorts, this stylish living room at The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Long Island, North Hills, employs transitional and contemporary pieces in a muted color scheme. Designed by Safavieh, the suite features furniture, rugs, draperies, lighting and accessories exclusively from Safavieh.

Model3002DiningRoomIn the dining area, the table’s gilded pedestals make it a true statement piece. Although the palette is muted throughout the suite, close inspection reveals many subtle patterns incorporated in the design.

Every suite at The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Long Island, North Hills, has “good bones”—high ceilings, floor-to ceiling windows, French doors opening to terraces or balconies—along with prized intangibles such as amazing soundproofing, creating a luxurious environment in which Safavieh’s interior designers can work their magic.

“In the model home shown here,” says Genesis Jimenez, a designer based at Safavieh’s Manhasset showroom, “we’re catering to what’s popular with today’s luxury homebuyers—contemporary and transitional furnishings presented in neutral colors. Gray is very chic and very sought-after right now.”


This muted palette might also be called The Ritz-Carlton look, familiar to anyone who has stayed at one of the five-star resorts. The visual transition from lobby, to corridor, to this private home is quite seamless. Closer inspection yields a surprise: There’s actually a lot of pattern incorporated in the design. Consider the decidedly feminine master bedroom. Patterned bedding seems to float atop the king bed, whose diamond hatched headboard and footboard echo the subtle, sculpted diamonds of the rug. Horizontal stripes in the slubbed-silk wallcovering provide a backdrop to the free-form agate depicted in a framed painting.

“The second bedroom features no less pattern, and it’s even more subtle,” points out David Nasseri, Jimenez’s design partner on the project, who is based at the Glen Cove flagship store. There’s a quiet riot of Escher-like geometry on the bedding and throw pillows, a grid of metallic beading on the table lamps, undulating ripples on the wallcovering and bursts of mother-of-pearl on the bedside tables.

These small details serve to delight the eye and boost the sense of luxury, giving visitors the cosseted feeling of inhabiting a hotel suite one never has to leave. That, in short, is the special allure of ownership at The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Long Island, North Hills. 

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